Horror Film Survival Tips #3

 photo spookycloset_zpsfa2d0216.jpg
Your child has been acting strange lately and you have been hearing strange sounds coming from their room in the middle of the night. When you enter the room you notice that the door to their closet is moving. Your child tells you not to open it because a monster in hiding in it. What do you do?

A. Open the closet, because there are no such things as monsters!

B. Listen to your child and leave the room without opening it.

C. Tell your kid that if they don’t stop making noise you’ll show them who the real monster is.

The answer is, of course, letter A. Children quite often have very fertile imaginations, so what are the chances that a monster is actually hiding in their closet? ZERO! You are the parent, you are supposed to show them who is boss, so open that closet door in confidence because you are in charge! What is really in the closet? There are only clothes and toys inside of it and do those move all by themselves? Of course not! So, get in there and do the right thing. Open that closet door!


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