Horror Film Survival Tips: #2

 photo shower_zpscc1e4e20.jpg

Let’s say that you are in an old abandoned high school with a bunch of friends. You all used to go to the school as teenagers and are having a spooky old time wandering about the empty hallways and hearing strange noises. While you are innocently standing in a cobweb filled hallway blood drips all over your head from the ceiling above. What do you do?

A. Scream and get the hell out of there.

B. Go to the the locker room and take a shower.

C. Just laugh it off and continue hanging out with your friends.

The correct answer is B, go to the locker room and take a shower. Nothing is worse than being in a haunted building and getting dust or blood all over your clothes. You spent the whole day trying to find just the right outfit for exploring and then this happens! How annoying! Surely, deciding to take a shower to get the worse of the grime off isn’t a bad idea? The water will of course mysteriously turn on only because you are lucky, not because of some evil unseen force. Remember, it’s a good thing to be clean and hygienic looking no matter where you are!


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